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Acting Agents
Charlie Wilson at WARING AND MCKENNA
17 South Molton St
London W1K 5QT, UK
Phone: +44 20 7409 3522

Tracy Christian and Brittney McDabe
@ TCA Management
8447 Wilshire Blvd. Ste.
100 Beverly Hills, CA. 90211
Phone: +1 424.542.6142

Voiceover Agents
Johnny Garcia @ RHUBARB VOICES
1st Floor, 1A Devonshire Road
London W4 2EU
Phone: +44(0)208 742 8683
Artist Profile

Cynthia McLean and Julie Thompson
@ SBV Talent
5900 Wilshire Blvd Suite 700 LA, CA 90036
Phone: +1 323.938.6000
Artist Profile
Alix was at TIFF 2017 to promote upcoming feature film THE WIFE, in which she plays Glenn Close's daughter.
Alix is currently working on a performance of WHAT IF WOMEN RULED THE WORLD? by Yael Bartana.
Alix plays Dr Kimberley Wells in the opening episode of THE BRAVE by NBC, now available to watch worldwide.
Alix recently completed performance capturing the lead female role of Aya in ASSASSIN'S CREED: ORIGINS - out now!
Alix is now represented by Charlie Wilson at WARING AND MCKENNA for theatrical work.
DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION - in which Alix plays the title role of The Inquisitor - has won over 150 Game of The Year awards.